Talking Treats And Technology: My First Week At Learnosity

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The latest addition to Learnosity’s marketing team describes a first week full of learning, lunching, and delectable treats.

The first day in any new job can be a little intimidating. You’ve done all the research you can but you’re still not sure what to expect. That was the way I felt as I headed into Learnosity’s Dublin office.

However, it took just 30 minutes to put an end to any jitters I may have had.

Right off the mark, I was introduced to my new colleagues in Dublin before later spending some time saying hi to members of the LA team via video chat. You’d think that meeting teams from around the world in an international company like Learnosity might be scary at first, but it couldn’t have been more relaxed and welcoming.

The stress-free and autonomous vibe of the office made it easy for a newbie like me to chat with people, ask questions and settle in. As the week went on I soon realized that this was a common theme.

Innovation is given the space it deserves

From day one I was made to feel part of the team. After receiving my new “welcome to Learnosity” swag and getting to know the teams here, I was given the chance to create the company’s new Instagram page. Trust in one another’s ability is clearly another important principle here: I was given free reign to use my own initiative to come up with layout, style and content guide. It was really cool to be implementing an important part of the social media strategy on my first day.

first week Learnosity swag

Welcome to the team!

After day one I realized that people at Learnosity don’t follow strict guidelines at work. Instead, they’re given the freedom and respect they need to get the job done as well as possible. The unique skills and abilities of employees here are valued, which really creates an atmosphere of enthusiasm and support.

Sharing treats, tech, and ideas

working at Learnosity

Stewed apple with toffee and red velvet with cream – no wonder they look so happy!

It might have been a happy coincidence but my first week also happened to coincide with Pancake Tuesday and Valentine’s Day, so needless to say, week 1 was filled with treats like pancakes, Nutella, donuts, and more Nutella. But when not indulging, I was being oriented to better understand the company, the different teams, the product, and how everything worked together.

I was given tutorials on the product to get to know some of the ways it can be used. This was useful in learning more about the company but it also helped me learn more about the people and teams here and what they do.

By day three I was invited into a discussion on one of the new videos my team (marketing, known here as “Unicorns”!) was working on. Not only was I included from the beginning,  I was also asked for my opinion, and my critiques were genuinely listened to, acknowledged, and noted.

I’m not sure that the ideas of a brand-new employee would have been given the same respect at another company.

It very quickly became obvious that this is another common theme running through the company,: it welcomes and encourages new ideas.

Work smart, be humble

At the end of my first week,  the entire office went out together to have a welcome lunch for me. I wasn’t too familiar with the area of Smithfield (which is about a ten-minute walk away from Dublin city center) but from what I can see and what the guys here tell me, there’s no shortage of artisan cafes and restaurants to choose from.

Lunching together gave me a good opportunity to chat to people about non-work-related things and to see how everyone got along. What I noticed is there really was no difference between the office and out-of-office vibes. It’s just a bunch of smart, honest, humble people getting along well whether they’re at work or not.

Advice for newbies

In conclusion, the main advice I’d offer to any newbie starting at Learnosity is …

  • Don’t stress about your first week but do prepare for cool socks and treats!
  • Ask questions! The main thing everyone here told me was to not be shy to ask questions. I initially thought everywhere says that, but these guys mean it. Everyone, across all teams, was only too happy to have a chat about any things I wasn’t fully clear on.
  • Expect for day 5 to feel like day 50  in a good way!
About the author

A recent masters graduate in marketing, Sonya McHugh is the latest addition to the Learnosity marketing team (Team Unicorn!).

Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Sonya decided to return to her Irish roots some time ago and has spent the last 6 years living and studying in Dublin.

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