“Working At Learnosity Is About Enabling The Next Generation Of Learners”

working at Learnosity

A new member of the team offers a bird’s-eye view of life at Learnosity.

I’m excited to have joined the Information Experience team at Learnosity’s Sydney office for multiple reasons.

Good Karma Industry

For one thing, Learnosity is building the assessment widgets that enable online learning, the scaling of training, and – by extension – the democratization of education. For me, enabling the next generation ranks highly in the “good karma” stakes. It makes you feel like you are doing something valuable for the world every time you head to work.

Treated Like Family

On my first day at work, I was handed my MacBook Pro with the advice: “Do what you like with this. Just don’t do anything that your mother wouldn’t be proud of.”

No lists of “do’s” and “don’ts”, no documents to sign, just the assumption that people treated like adults will behave like adults. This was my first taste of the culture of mutual respect that appears to have been wired into Learnosity’s DNA.

Everyone is Responsible for Innovation

Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas, recommendations, and provide constructive criticisms. If an idea holds merit, then it is implemented, no matter who suggested it.

And in an industry of rapid change, a key criterion for sustained success is a company’s ability to empower each and every employee to be creative and innovative. Learnosity has embraced this ethos.

If an idea holds merit, then it is implemented, no matter who suggested it. Click To Tweet

Within the first few weeks of onboarding, I was being asked for my opinion across a wide range of topics. And that wasn’t because I was someone special. It is just par for the course in an office full of smart people solving difficult technical problems.

Smart Business Model

In the digital economy there are two dominant business models that work well. Either you: 1) solve a generic problem by supplying an awesome “category killer” application which you then sell to the world; or you 2) provide personalized services for local organizations or specialized use cases.

Learnosity fits into the first category, and over the last ten years has established itself as the “category killer” of assessment software widgets. The bonus from an employee’s point of view is that you will make a difference to the millions of people who will end up using your contributions.

Furthermore, the supportive culture and mutual respect within the office extends to Learnosity’s customer base too, as evidenced by the high customer retention rate. And that is good for employee morale.

Buzzword Compliant

And then, of course, there are all the other buzzword-compliant employee perks.

It is a nice, welcoming, industrious, and ego-free place to be. Click To Tweet

By this, I mean that there are bean bags, standing desks, bowls of fresh fruit, a pool table, a retro Space Invaders machine, a beer keg (remember  people treated like adults will behave like adults!), a “happiness” allowance, free yoga (admittedly provided by our building’s owners) and more. People work hard, play hard, and support one another. It is a nice, welcoming, industrious, and ego-free place to be.

Will I Make a Difference?

I sure hope so. I’ve been brought into the Information Experience team along with Edwin – another new starter – to help take Learnosity’s customer communications from pretty good to truly awesome.

The supportive culture and respect within the office extends to Learnosity's customer base too. Click To Tweet

Given the complexity of the work done here do on a daily basis this won’t be easy, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

About the Author

Cameron Shorter has spent decades building, documenting, managing, and consulting on software systems. He has a passion for open source, open standards, open data, open communities and consulting on the elusive open business models behind all these.

At Learnosity he is a Technology Demystifier, helping translate techno mumble-jumble into intuitive and concise documentation.

He is a father and husband, and though admittedly not very good at surfing, rock climbing, soccer and cycling, he enjoys them all the same.

Interested in working at Learnosity? Visit our careers section to view our current openings.

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