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Learnosity Wins 2 CODiE Awards!

Yesterday, Learnosity was announced as the winner of two SIIA CODiE Awards. We are absolutely delighted with this amazing achievement and would like to congratulate the other winners and finalists of this year’s competition!

Gavin Cooney, CEO & Co-Founder of Learnosity, talks about this success:

Last month I posted about how excited we were to have received an incredible 5 CODiE nominations and to see so many of our clients – 11 products across 8 categories – with products powered by Learnosity, up for these prestigious awards.

The results are in and… I am truly delighted to announce that we were selected as winners for Best K-12 Enterprise Solution as well as Best Authoring & Development Tool. More importantly, 3 products powered by Learnosity also took home the top prize in their respective categories – special shout out to the one who beat us in our own category too. We’re genuinely glad you did!

Our success as a company is 100% based on how well we can help our partners build great assessment offerings. To see so many of our clients be acknowledged as industry leaders in their sectors is incredibly rewarding and validates the impact of our mission to improve education and assessment worldwide.

We’re especially thrilled with the results this year. Winning the Best K-12 Enterprise Solution demonstrates our continued innovation and leadership as this is the third year in a row we have been selected in this category – as a finalist in 2015 and again as overall winner in 2014.

Winning the Best Authoring & Development Tool category is of particular significance because we’ve just spent the last year rebuilding our authoring solution from the ground up. Not because our clients didn’t like what we had already – they loved it. The target authoring user still includes the professional content editor, however, the interface is now intuitive enough for a teacher to use the editor with zero training and without the need for a manual.

I’m so incredibly proud of the Learnosity team and what we’re building together. Each and everyone of them contributes directly to the product and vision on a daily basis. Thanks guys, we couldn’t have done it without you! Here’s to next year!


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