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The API-ification of Education.

Following on from our hugely successful Roundtable at ASUGSV Summit earlier this month, we’re hosting a webinar next week, May 3rd at 2pm EST, to explore the global phenomenon of the API economy and the  increased productivity enabled by packaging commodity, yet often complex, functionality into reusable “building blocks”.

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Think Uber, Spotify and Airbnb.

What do these three companies have in common? Most obviously, they’re all multi-billion dollar companies. They’ve all had tremendous success with their applications, which are now recognized globally. But what else? They are also all exemplary examples of how two or more companies working together can create more value than either of them could on their own.

More and more successful companies are choosing to “build” their products by leveraging the services and infrastructure of other organizations alongside their own unique user experience and brand .

We will also discuss how companies can best evaluate whether they should build in-house or leverage the services of others? We’re excited to welcome Chris Contini, CEO of OnCourse Systems for Education to the webinar. Chris will be joining to reflect on his build vs buy experience and to discuss what prompted his company’s strategic decision.

You’ll also get a sneak peak into OnCourse’s new product offering and see what new capabilities and functionality are coming down the line for schools and districts using OnCourse Classroom, a new cloud-based LMS.

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