8 Things Socks Have in Common with Learnosity

It shouldn’t be all about work this holiday season. In the spirit of spreading a little festive cheer and injecting a little levity we decided to take a fresh look at, arguably, the most cliched holiday gift of all: the much maligned sock. Much to our surprise we found that socks had a surprising amount in common with Learnosity. Our conclusion? It’s time to put the sock at the top of your wish list.

 1. The Core Foundation

We all need socks! They’re a basic, yet an integral component of practically any ensemble. However, they’re rarely the main focal point of your outfit. Much like assessment. It’s a fundamental part of any educational solution. The Learnosity APIs provide the core foundations required for any great educational solution, while you provide the differentiation factors such as the content and overall user experience.

 2. Invisible to the Casual Observer

Of course it depends on what you’re wearing on any given day but generally socks are pretty hidden under trousers or tucked under boots. Learnosity is designed to be used as part of a bigger solution and to be invisible to the end user. No end user ever knows they are using Learnosity-powered elements – all they ever know is that you’ve built a great product (and you look fantastic!).

3. Alleviates Pain Points

You may not think socks are that important, yet a good pair can mean the difference between a blissful run and painful blisters. A decent sock supports your pressure points, provides the foundation for a good run and allows you to focus all your efforts on achieving your goal.

Our aim is to make your lives easier – delivering assessment at scale is hard. Learnosity does the undifferentiated heavy lifting; the things that would take up too much of your time and budget otherwise. This frees you up to concentrate on what makes your product special.

 4. Seamless

All the best socks are hand-linked, this means the only seam on the sock, the one which runs over the top of your toes, is placed on a circular knitting machine by hand. The Learnosity APIs are designed to integrate seamlessly (see what we did there?) into any third party solution.

5. Stand Out From the Crowd

Despite being “under-the-hood”, a bright pair of socks can be a fun way to show off your personality and stand out at work. Lots of people typically wear a similar conservative uniform of suit, jacket and tie to work but a great pair of socks can instantly transform their look.

Likewise, use of technology enhanced items (TEIs) is an easy way to brighten up your educational solution and transform the assessment experience into a more challenging and engaging one. As well as testing critical thinking skills and offering insights into how the student arrived at a particular answer, TEIs have been shown to significantly increase student engagement.

 6. Enhancing not Replacing

Don’t want to change your entire style or throw away your existing wardrobe? Inject some pizzazz into your existing look by adding a funky pair of socks. The Learnosity APIs can be used to enhance any product – new or existing.

7. Inherently Flexible

Socks come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes; short, knee-high, ankle, over the knee, coloured, muted and more. They also have more uses than you can possible imagine – wearing them is just one of a very long list of things you can do with socks. People use socks for all sorts of things, they can be turned into bird feeders or pincushions, used to curl your hair, made into sock puppets, you name it – you can probably use socks for it.

It’s the same at  Learnosity. We know if we give people a tool, they’ll use it ways we can’t even imagine. That’s why we’ve designed our APIs to be as flexible as possible, we even provide a bunch of mechanisms (that’s public methods in dev speak) to allow you to tailor just how our embedded tools interact with your system.

 8. The Gift That Keeps on Giving

In many cultures stockings are hung on Christmas Eve so that they can be filled with toys, candy or other gifts by Santa Claus. When you work with Learnosity you’re not buying into what Learnosity is right now but where we’re going. With all product enhancements and new features included in all our license plans as standard you can improve your product without any work or expenditure on your end.

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