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Join Learnosity and A Pass Educational Group in their upcoming collaborative webinar focusing on technology enhanced items in modern-day assessments

Webinar on technology enhanced items
Date: November 19th, 2015
Time: 13:00 (EST)
Hosted by: Gavin Cooney & Lynsey Peterson

Join our interactive webinar, hosted by Learnosity CEO Gavin Cooney and Lynsey Peterson, Director of STEM Development at A Pass Education on November 19th at 1pm (EST). This hour-long webinar aims to explore the overall benefits of using technology-enhanced items in assessment, and will give a hands-on demonstration of the authoring experience for some of the more advanced technology-enhanced solutions.

Topics will include:
  • Spoken response
  • Rule-based grading for math and chemistry
  • Creating worked solutions and hints for students
  • Adaptive testing

Webinar on technology enhanced items

The upcoming Learnosity and A Pass webinar is the finishing piece of our recent series on technology-enhanced items. Over the last few weeks, we have released an article a week on this interesting topic, demonstrating the several potential uses and benefits that they present to both educators and students.

Missed out on our series of articles?

Follow the links below to find out more before our webinar.

Part 1: Technology-Enhanced Items in Assessment
Part 2: Speak. Listen. Learn. The Use of Audio & Spoken Response Technology in Modern Day Assessment
Part 3: Beyond 1 + 2 = 3: Auto Scoring for Open-Ended Math Questions
Part 4: A Helping Hand: The Use of Hints & Worked Solutions in Assessment

 About Learnosity:

Learnosity Assessment SoftwarePartnering with companies across a range of sectors—including K-12, Higher Education, and Corporate Education—Learnosity provides the technology framework for authoring, assessment delivery, and reporting for many of the world’s best assessment solutions. Leveraging the Learnosity offerings enables clients to enhance any digital product, new or existing. It also reduces the need to reinvent the wheel, significantly increases speed to market, and decreases the overall cost of ownership.

Learnosity offers one of the widest ranges of technology-enhanced items on the market, with over 55 distinct question types currently available, ranging from the more basic fill-in-the-blank question types to spoken-response capture, Cartesian graphing, handwriting-recognition technology as well as advanced Math and Chemistry formulas. The authoring experience is designed to allow any user—professional content author or the more casual teacher author—to create advanced technology-enhanced items in minutes. It’s as simple as using any word processor. A wide range of implementation and storage solutions are also available. Clients can choose to use the Learnosity item bank, which uses a flexible, tag-based system for organizing Items as well as providing test-construction facilities. Alternatively, clients can choose to simply add the Learnosity TEI editor to their existing Content Management System.

The Learnosity reporting solutions allow clients to easily embed HTML reports, with useful insights from individual and group analytics, on any webpage. Clients also have on-demand access to the raw data, providing the flexibility to use as needed at any time.


About A Pass Educational Group:

A Pass EducationA Pass Educational Group, LLC is very proud of its reputation for delivering high-quality work on time. We are also proud of our reputation as being responsive, friendly, and easy to work with. Finally, we cherish the loyalty of our staff and contract associates. We offer the following services: Instructional Design. A Pass recognizes that high-quality learning requires exemplary instructional design. Students and teachers must fully understand expectations and easily engage in content for optimum learning. Read More Assessment Design. A Pass develops many types of assessment questions, including multiple choice, true/false, constructed response, short essay, technology-enhanced items (TEIs) and more. We design assessments to accompany textbooks and study aids as well as high-stakes assessments for state and national standardized exams. Read More Course Development. The A Pass team can develop courses and /or lesson plans in any subject area. If we do not have the appropriate resources in house, we have the ability to find them. Read More Editing. A Pass has deep experience editing client content and resources—this includes developmental editing, copy editing, fact checking, and more. Read More



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