Learnosity: Education Tech Company Top of the Class



A profile on Learnosity featured in national newspaper, the Irish Independent this week.

Learnosity quietly partners with the biggest names in education globally, providing some of the more complex and valuable parts of the best educational technology products in the world.

In a single sentence, Learnosity is an award-winning educational technology company.

Its cloud-based, assessment toolkit enables clients – primarily educational publishers and testing companies – to quickly and easily incorporate assessment, as well as authoring and reporting capabilities, into their existing applications, eBooks and websites.

“It’s all part of a grander plan,” say Irish co-founders Gavin Cooney and Mark Lynch. “We believe that the pace of innovation in education has lagged behind that of other industries. We want to change this. Our vision is to be at the centre of every product that touches every student in the world.”

Check out the full profile here.

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