New Features – Calculator, Ruler and Protractor

We’ve recently added some great new features to the Learnosity toolkits.

Calculator and Scientific Calculator

The basic calculator and scientific calculator features have been released.  The basic calculator does exactly what is says on tin – providing a convenient 4 function calculator for students right when they need it.scientificcalc

The scientific calculator provides an extension to the basic calculator, new functions include sine, cosine, tangent, exponential, logarithm, pi and the ability to change the mode of the calculator from degrees to radians. The basic 4 function or scientific calculator can be embedded into all Learnosity Apps that use the Questions API

Docs and Demo

Ruler and Protractor Tools


The ruler and protractor form part of the new image tool feature. The ruler (15cm, 30cm, 6in, 12in) and protractor can be rotated, dragged and embedded into all Learnosity Apps that use the Questions API, custom defined images can also be supported.  These are available in our new v2 Questions API.

Docs and Demo

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