Signing Northcode Applications with MS Authenticode

Here's a quick howto for signing applications on windows which means that it won't show up as Author unknown.

Download the Windows SDK.

Install it – I didn't install any of the code samples or help as I didn't want to wast 3.5G of space just for some code signing. Obviously it does a lot more than I was using it for :-).

If you have a code signing cert you need to install it into windows by double clicking on it and following the prompts.

Then simply run the following command:

"c:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsWindowsv7.0Binsigntool.exe" sign /a filenametosign.exe
Done Adding Additional Store
Successfully signed: filenametosign.exe

Then when people run your application is will say the Author name instead of “Unknown”


See also: Northcode: How do I get rid of the “Unknown Publisher” security warning?

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