ColdFusion per vhosts mappings

One of the features of CF8 that I was most interested in and most let down on was per application mappings. The reason I was so keen was so that we could keep core library application files out of the webroot for additional security, but still have different versions of the same codebase. I.e. some sites running farcry3 some running farcry5 for example.

This didn't transpire and so now we use the following technique on apache to map the folder in and then lock it down with apache.

In the vhost section add the following:

Alias /farcry /path/to/non-webfolder/farcry

Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all

Note: it is important that there is no /farcry mapping defined in the CF Administrator or it will override this setting.

What the above does, is to map in the non-web accessible folder, but then locking it down so it cannot be browsed from the web. This seems pointless but CF can still see the files and correctly resolves the paths even though they are secure from the outside world.

This then allows us to version our sites independently – i.e. if we want to upgrade from farcry 5 to 5.1 we can do it one site at a time, instead of having to test them all at once.

Note – Railo already has per vhost mappings which solve the same problem as this. But if you are on CF7 or CF8 then this works a treat.


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