ExtendoText project on google code

We've been busy squirrelling away on many projects and they are beginning to come to light:

One which is coming to light very early is a new text framework for actionscript which leverages flash 10 text engine.

It's very early alpha but is a good proof of concept and already solves some problems for us – namely the ability to simply create rich text area's that have superscript and subscript text.

It uses XML and CSS and completely seperates the formatting from the content.

Screenshot of extendotext 0.1

It can now:

  • Render a simple XML document
  • Apply styles including color, font and opacity
  • Plug in custom code for rendering images, video or any other XML tag you want to create.

The screenshot highlights a number of these features:

  • Bold, italic, super and subscript text
  • Text wrapping around custom display classes (Red and Green boxes)
  • Opacity applied to display objects (green box)

There is still a lot more to be done – including editing of text which is the next hard piece to knock over.

You can get it from the google code site

Keen to hear any feedback.


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